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Developing a Family Homepage

So you're ready to take your family newsletter/photo album/scrapbook into the world of cyberspace? Great! Yourfamily is here to help!

There are a variety of online services that guide you through the process of publishing (and sharing) family history information online. While you can always do it yourself, we recommend checking out these resources first. - Online Diaries, Journals and more. Collect, Share & Keep the memories and moments from life's journey in a permanent, secure online archive. Each entry is organized by date, place and topic on your personalized timeline... letting you add chapters, see the whole picture, and easily find whatever you're looking for. Many customers use OurStory as an online journal, online diary or as a blog. - Share your family history. OneGreatFamily has created a way for individuals to easily store their genealogical information, collaborate with others, and watch their family trees grow over time.

Discover New Ancestors on OneGreatFamily has been connecting families and friends online since 1998. It's your turn to easily create and start sharing your own private, secure family website. And you can do it in just five minutes.

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Family Homepages

Developing a Family Homepage

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