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Maybe you're looking for one of the little details to make your family album come alive, like a photo of the village in Italy where your great-grandparents were born. Or maybe you're searching for ways to present and preserve your long hours of research. Maybe you want to restore that old photograph of your grandparent's wedding day and turn those old 8mm movies into a DVD.

Here are some highly recommended resources for developing and SHARING your family memories.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Kodak EasyShare Gallery As a Kodak company, the Gallery understands the importance of your memories. That's why we make it easy for people to share their favorite moments with friends and family around the world by ordering prints and sharing photos online.

Share your most beloved moments through gifts from the Kodak EasyShare Gallery store

HP Snapfish

Snapfish, 12c prints, 20 FREE Prints Snapfish enables its users to print, share and store favorite memories at competitive prices for both digital and film camera users.

Sign-up and get your first roll of film developed for FREE! Plus, your photos are placed online for FREE to share with family & friends.

Additional Resources

Check out our database of web resources for creating unique family histories. Look up links to photo restoration and video services, family history book experts, and sites with digital photo and coat of arms information.

Whatever you're looking for to make sure your family history is recorded in the best way possible, here are the links to help you.

Web resources for documenting family history

Yourfamily recommends... "Everything Scrapbooking Book"

Whether you're creatively challenged or artistically adept, scrapbooking can be a unique and personalized way to preserve your memories through all stages of life. Scrapbooks can become everlasting mementoes, wonderful treasures to hand down from generation-to-generation, or special gifts for a close friend or relative.

Everything Scrapbooking Book

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Videos, Albums and Taped Oral Histories



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